20 March 2005

Three by Lorca

[from Collected Poems by Federico Garcia Lorca, edited by Christopher Maurer]


Sure enough,
you've got two big boobs
& a string of pearls
on your neck.

A child of the mist
holds your mirror.

Though you're very far off
I still see you,
placing a hand like a rainbow's
over your sex
or lazily punching the sky
into shape, like a pillow.

We're looking at you through a lens—
the renaissance & me.

Clock Echo

I sat down
in a clearing in time.
It was a pool of silence.
White silence.
Incredible ring
where the bright stars collide
with a dozen floating
black numbers.


Why was it the apple
& not
the orange
or the polyhedral
Why this virgin fruit
to clue them in,
this smooth & gentle
What admirable symbol
lies dormant at its core?
Adam, Paris, Newton
carry it inside their souls
& fondle it without a clue
to what it is.

1 comment:

  1. It probably wasn't an apple. Another case of mistranslation down the ages. Most likely was a quince, a much more suggestive fruit. Nice article on this in latest Tin House.