08 March 2005

Demons, Angels, and Spirits that Walk in the Night

Here's the project I've set myself for the next week.

Wake at least once in the night and write for ten minutes.
Write with a pen on paper about demons and angels.
Write in the dark or near dark if possible.

Write whatever comes.
Let it come.
No censor.

If I can stay awake, I'll write for longer than ten minutes.
Write for thirty minutes or an hour.
Try not to wake up.

Some time during the day, I will type whatever I can understand from my scribblings into a computer file and print it out. Put it away.

The rest of my life, I plan to live in my normal fashion.

So who else wants to do this with me? Jilly and Thom -- I'm counting on you.


  1. I love it. I'm in. I have no problem waking up in the night it seems but my handwriting is hard to decipher at the best of times. It will be fun to try to decode my dark night scribbles.

  2. donna21:27

    OK. I will try very hard to start tonight and do it for a week!

  3. madge21:44

    i'm in...for a week. sounds intriguing...

  4. Lalo22:53

    In the dark, in pen on paper? hmmm...

  5. jessica23:29

    I'm in. Tuesday to Tuesday, sometime in the dark of each night. Ten minutes each.

  6. Anonymous00:08

    I'm game! No problem with waking up, I'm afraid. The hard part will be sensing ten minutes' time in the dark....Pam

  7. Anonymous11:37

    I'm in. Do you want us to post our jottings, or just save them? - - Mary Beth

  8. Well I take my meds before I go to bed and there is no waking up after that but I will do some daytime writing.