09 March 2005

more Carl Phillips

A fine interview with Carl Phillips here.

I highly recommend From the Devotions. Here is a scrap from "The Blue Castrato" that flared at me:

II. To His Diary

Played Mister Lazy, mostly. Found
the weather fine, but did not step
inside it. Prayed, as usual. Read
the new books that, if I don’t watch out,
I shall find myself fairly whelmed
by. Over soup, had wrongful thoughts—
only of wanting something like more
variety, but bad is bad:
said prayer again. Restored, I glued
the handle back on the broken pot
I’ve never loved: no color, badly
fired. Though it looks more humble now,
I like it more. . . . The evening quiet.
Some hunger (food, et al.). Resisted.

Also, this exquisite bit from "On Restraint":

There are horses in the distance, so say so.

There are horses in the distance,
not running, smoke-still.

Not running yet: the idea of To run.

Not running but getting ready to run.

There are no horses in the distance, but
say so.

There is smoke,

or a fog that, from this distance,
is any number of horses, not running.

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  1. Anonymous11:42

    came across your blog doing a search for carl phillips. love him love him love him too. I assume you write poetry too?

    larry ypil
    (i'm a writer from the philippines)