06 September 2004

naporhymo #10 -- Olena Kalytiak Davis

after "Moorer Denies Holyfield in Twelve" by Olena Kalytiak Davis:

Giants Drop Four in a Row

The ’89 World Series.
First time in my life I've scored a ticket to the game.

I leave work early for the home opener—
my stub's dated tomorrow,
I’ll catch tonight’s battle on TV.
At the stoplight, I’m rear-ended,
front-ended. Overhead, the signal
is swinging for the bleachers.

I floored the gas pedal
before the earthquake stopped.

The swimming pool tidal-waved the garage
where everything I own is in cardboard boxes
because my lover intentionally walked me,
now he says I'm out.

One minute you’re teammates. Then,
fifty-thousand fans fleeing Candlestick.

The neighbors brought over a handcart, towels,
short relief.
But, cleaning up, I slow-mo the replay:

I’ve been tuned to the wrong channel.
I’ve ignored the stats, the lineup, the applause.

I let a rookie steal my slot.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous20:19

    I LOVE this poem! I love it, I love it, I love it.
    You rock, baby. You are just a whole team unto yourself.