18 September 2004

napo #22 -- Sally Keith

after "Note: 12 November" by Sally Keith:

Note: 18 September

Fold my legs,
now am I down
in posture—now

can I breathe?
Rough-brushed beige
flat wall—hood

my eyes. One breath.
An open tongue.
One breath. Zazen—

Inhale. Exhale—
three. Now free
the belly lungs

diaphragm. Cleared
they mime. Begin each
time. Not stray.

Yes enter.
Yes. Once more
to three? White noise—

shut it off—

Note: 18 September

who sets the dial
to NPR—who's

up pre-dawn?
Car-bombed street
ten dead—kill

my ears. Light’s on.
An empty house.
Loud noise. Coffee—

hot steam. Raging
heart. Who sets
the alarm for

their neighbors? Still
it blares. Unplug this
sound. To churn.

Please turn off.
Please. What if
I bomb? Pull pin—

toss it up—

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