28 September 2004

napo #32 -- Jorie Graham

after "Act III, SC. 2" by Jorie Graham from Dream of the Unified Field:

What If We Had Lunch

Oh no she said paying for a woman
is not what you want to do—She felt how he pulled
away, tried not to. And why
must he say this to her? Who else

can know? She wants to say she suffers
loneliness—but is hers like his—
would she buy love? How can she comfort,
what does it mean to be a friend

these days? He’s talked about his wife, his daughter,
she knows, or she thinks she knows, he loves them.
Yet here they are, two people at a conference,

spending the hours between here and there, hither and yon,
And he’s lonely, might buy a whore.
She’s his friend from work. What are they saying?

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