27 June 2009

Marc Livingston

[from Marc Livingston's The Confessional Heart of a Man, iUniverse, 2009]

Betrayal (Part TWO)

Told her my secrets, where, how, and when I stole the money.
Begged her to keep these amongst ourselves; her response was, "You can trust me, honey."
Knew somethin' was wrong when it was time to get away and went for my stash.
Found nothing but the feds waiting for me, but no sign of her or the cash.

No pleading out to one or two counts; had me dead to rights.
Want to add homicide to my indictment, even though she gave me pleasurable nights.
Had the nerve to come to my trial, wave, and kiss my main man; she showed how easily she played me.
Gave this woman the world, my secrets, and my heart, making it too easy for her to betray me.

The Call

Got the same problems as the man in the next cell.
Wife calls his family, my family, saying goodbye and wishing me well.
Got fifteen minutes left out of three hundred for the month. My call gets accepted, and this man answers, asking me what I want!

Stunned beyond stunned, a chuckle escapes his mouth.
The voice becomes different now, feminine; she says I have no home when I get out.
Wanna cry, not gonna cry, but recourse of action is limited to nil.
Another inmate yells, "Say man, you almost finished with the damn phone!" And I drop the phone with the wife explaining and proceed to turn rejection into motive to kill!

As a sentence of a few months grows to my natural life, I read tearfully a last letter from my spouse.
She says so and so and I are done; it was just a fling, so please come back to our house.
My laugh is maddening, and being in solitary, it is the only thing that keeps me from being alone.
But what will haunt me 'til the hereafter is that I still had ten minutes left to use the phone.

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