23 June 2009

Juliana Spahr

[from Juliana Spahr's Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You, Wesleyan, 2001]

things [excerpt]


The tear refers to an ideal circle that is
not met.

The tear is not right or circular.

Yet it is capable. It is da kine.

Clowns paint this wrong circle beneath
their eye because they too are pulled out
of whack.

They are the human wearing the signs
of how all is not right (the frown) yet
how things will be all right (the colorful

Da kine.

Like fuck-you-aloha-I-love-you.

That is da kine.


Da kine is the mosh pit at the fuck-you-
aloha-I-love-you show.

The mosh pit is thrashing about in
masking tape.

Everyone is connected in the thrash,
everyone taped together in the fuck-

So the thrash in anger is the thrash of
connection, of joining.

The more thrashing, the more sticking.

It is the thrash of reaching out for others
in the most isolated land mass.

It is da kine.


Da kine is the tear that the incarcerated
tattoo, one drop for each year caged, or
one drop for each man killed, beneath
their eye.

Here the tear is a wrong made sad yet a
defiance of this sadness.

It is worn for all to see, it is permanent
and will leave with the incarcerated
upon release, to remind us all is not
well and that all tears are not cathartic.

So da kine is complex and the word
means anything and that is what is
lovely about it.

As lovely as a tattoo tear.

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