29 June 2009

Carol Peters

It Is Time to Explain Myself

                            — after Walt Whitman

let us stand up
udder of my heart
I am a free companion
cushion me soft

life is a suck and a sell
what is commonest and cheapest and nearest and easiest is me
no sweeter fat
walks with the tender and growing night

winged purposes
I will do nothing for a long time but listen

turn and live awhile with the animals
moth and the fisheggs
a hummer and a buzzer
fish-smack pack

agonies are one of my changes
they who piddle and patter
gibberish of the dry limbs

miracle enough to stagger
I am not contained between my hat and my boots
I have instant conductors all over me
stucco'd with quadrupeds

procreant urge
the crescent child that carries its full mother in its belly

stand by the curb prolific
he most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher

whirling is elemental

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