18 November 2004

Carol Peters

Thom Ingram has invented a new poetic form he calls the Tricuahilo, and last night he challenged us to try it on.

Surgery after All

Endoscopy, that was almost end game
on the Friday when we all knew what Monday
would bring—antrectomy—yes, scoping is looking

but -omy means cut—vagotomy—
what did it matter by that point which
parts they took, I was on my way down,
coming back called for good-byes.

13 November 2004

Carol Peters

after "Watching Mars" from The Hospital Poems by Jim Ferris:

Crackers and Milk

Seventh grade
I would leave English
halfway through class—
lippy students at scarred desks
what’s her excuse?

where to
every day? I knew
they whispered pet
and freak behind my back—
ladies in aprons

my snack, pitied
my sips, their worry—
an ulcer? and fret—could it be
her fault?

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