11 June 2009

Barbara Hamby

[from Barbara Hamby's All-Night Lingo Tango, University of Pittsburgh, 2009]

Ganymede's Dream of Rosalind

Girlfriend, I am the boyfriend you never had -- honeysuckle mouth,
indigent eyes, no rough Barbara beard when kissing me. Popinjay,
keep me in your little chest, nestle me in your cosy love hotel,
my mouthful of tangy violets, my pumpkin raviolo, my spoon
of crushed moonlight in June. On your breast let me sup,
quaff the nectar of your sweet quim, trim repository of dear
succulence. Only touch my cheek with your hand, and let
us again meet as we did that first time in Act II, Scene IV
when we ran away to the Forest of Arden. Rough sphinx,
you know my heart, because it's yours, too, and quartz,
altogether transparent stone. I yearn for you as a crab
craves the wet sand, a wildebeest the vast savannah, a toad
every mudhole and mossy shelf. Forget Orlando. I'll marry myself.

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