21 March 2009

Rochelle Owens

[from Rochelle Owens's The Joe Chronicles Part 2, Black Sparrow, 1979]

Lugalennemundu, He Sends a Letter

                                     Dear Dehumanizing
                                     Dear Woman
what is good?
                             Look! Spread the contours
                     of the brain backward

                     O Fish when will you find God?
when will you find

                         the tits of the
                         Angel of Death
                                             the False God's secret
                                             Air the consuming

                         Dear fiend
                         Dear uncircumcised             One.

                         Oh Child What Is Good?

                         The Question remains
                         on this point

                         At the center of the

                                             Deplorable machine
At the center
Dear Hell
                     deplorable machine
                             the tits of the
                             Angel of Death
                             Evil Yezer                 Help

         art or humanity

                             old-fashioned propa/ganda.

                                             signed your friend
                                 King Lugalannemundu

Joe Chronicles Part 2

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