24 March 2009

Gabriel Gudding

[from Gabriel Gudding's Rhode Island Notebook, Dalkey Archive, 2007]

9.20.02 - 9.22.02


2:10 PM 9.20.02 Out of
the sportscars of
the asteroids
are no sad fathers
no little wools, no sheep, no great doors:
are no daughters, nor wolves
the daughters fear, nor are
daughters on a plate of moon
to wonder
how their fathers are.

Put this book now
large format Strathmore
sketch pad
on passenger seat go to Rhode Island

. . .

Punitive use of ordnance against
       my pimple

As if a bell had rung deep in my face
and my jaw vibrated w/ it
my jaw's reverberation from the bell
that had rung coldly beneath my
bone (zygoma) the vibration's paths became complex
when they entered the 6 flaps of
skin that delimit the front and sides
of my face namely my ears, the
2 circular flaps of epidural constitutive of
my nostrils, & the 2 intricate
flaps of muscle that are
the facial labia. beneath my nostrils

a mouth being a toothed bubble. exordium

Had the bombing reduced the ability of
my face to display affect?

. . .

the tongue, that flip arbiter of
want and language. that
deft electrical flap. That
welcome mat of the head.

. . .

Is not that a saint or sadness hanging
in that rack of cloud? It looks
like a mandorla in the sky
above prim, historical Connecticut. Or
is it a pipe organ?

. . .

Ears are like an early kind of
seashell stapled to
sides of our heads
Lewisburg PA 365 m fr. Prov.
near Exit 210 80 w

The left & right versions of the
seashell are the male & female sexes
of the species   and yr head
is the mechanism they use to mate
Yr head is in fact a pod utilized
to facilitate the mating of yr ears.
They are copulating right now, behind yr
face, somewhere just above -- & slightly
behind   yr. throat.

My jaws are ransacking yr lips.
393 m fr. Providence those impressive
immense cut-cakes of cliffs.
It is not even my lips that are
searching & rummaging over yrs
It is my whole jaw. My very head is
frisking yr head   searching the 2
fleshy grenadiers posted at the gatehouse
of yr talk yard.

. . .

My favorite instrument is the pipe organ.

Back in Connecticut
the Cathedrals resemble toaster ovens
A chapel is an eagle bakery

. . .

Buzz Aldrin, 72 yrs, punches
37 yr old man debunker of moon

1096.6 m fr. Prov arrive Normal

Rhode Island Notebook

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