10 March 2009

Margo Tamez

[from Margo Tamez's Raven Eye, University of Arizona, 2007]

The Breath Moves Corn Girl

A small thing      a gesture
Breaths taken slowly      filling capillaries
More blood circulating      actions to other actions

Becoming nothing
But a vague un-moment   the fear having everything
To do with
What is always at stake

Back to breath --

I ask about expansion
As if I could
As if I had a right to

Her fingers ripple her breath out the flute

Forward again


Steady steady
Quick then slow

What do you remember
What do you cocoon
What memories will erupt
When you lie with your lover in the future
His penis or her fingers touching your vulva's moist lips
After you cringe from the force of
His dry cock or her fingernails
Scraping your delicate flesh

Will you remember this night
The scent of tortillas burning
Your half-brother
Using your infant body
His hands clasped around your small hips
Raking you up and down
Across his naked groin

Feel      the breath move you

To spaces of worlds      you feel      all around

Raven Eye (Sun Tracks)

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