15 January 2006

Chase Twichell

[from Dog Language, 2005]

The Myths
by Chase Twichell

Italy and Greece lay in ruins,
inhabited by beasts: the Minotaur
in his labyrinth, the scrush of his hide
against its walls; the blinded Cyclops
groping for Ulysses among the sheep.
Dad taught us all the myths.

Up on Mount Olympus
people disguised themselves
as animals. It was like that then.
It's not like that now.
Back then you were half animal
if your father was a god.


  1. a wonderfully precise description of the sound of a minotaur's hide against the walls.

  2. NOT a description, but the sound itself, no? Which is interesting--you can hear "Dad" telling the story, making the noise, making him even more real.