07 May 2009

Rusty Morrison

[from Rusty Morrison's The True Keeps Calm Biding Its Story, Ahsahta, 2008]

please advise stop

I was dragging a ladder slowly over stones stop
it was only from out of my thoughts that I could climb stop
not from the room please

my father's dying offered an indelicate washing of my perception stop
the way the centers of some syllables scrub away all other sound stop
his corpse merely preparing to speak its new name at the speed of    nightfalling please

each loss grows from a previously unremarkable vestigial organ stop
will I act now as if with a new limb stop
a phantom limb of the familial please advise

please advise stop

the coat-rack's narrow arms rise up empty and flourishing stop
the quiet pulls an empty swing until it seems to move stop
keep one hand free to feel for the parts suddenly lost and moving away stop

the spoonful of honey goes on grinding its bees stop
brush away the interviewing but keep the intervening light please
the day beveled with chaos ripening routine stop

each wild iris invested with the exact countermovement of my observation    stop
the mistranslation thick with clocks ticking an inaudible patience stop
again took up the begging bowl of self-explanation please advice

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