02 May 2009

Fran Quinn

[from Fran Quinn's The Goblet Crying for Wine, Blue Sofa, 1995]

Delano's Bar and Restaurant,
Amherst, Mass., Good Friday, 1984,
1:25 p.m.

They always leave it . . .
that small circle of wine
in the bottom of the glass

as if there's something
down there they can't take in.
The dregs, they call it; the bottom
is what's there . . .

the finish, the
end. It's yours
when you take it
all in.

My father greeted death this way:
he waited until we were alone,
his last words long gone,
five or six days of pure silence,

four tears,
then a smile,
but nothing left --
no little circle,

the glass
handed to me

The goblet crying for wine

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