19 May 2009

Dan Beachy-Quick

[from Dan Beachy-Quick Mulberry, Tupelo, 2006]


calm the sentence the lake
will calm // breath at pivot
breath gathers itself in a comma
a comma informs the wave

weave new panic into water
so calm will curl the new
dead leaf red as dusk
settling this sun
drowned lonely in the crest

of cardinal I cannot quite
catch nor quiet
mars in rust my breath in rose
breasted grosbeak flees
the wound it wears I wear
the calm lake winged into scarlet wave

the panting wave

panten to breathe hard and quickly
borrowed perhaps shortened
from pantaisier
oppressed with nightmare struggle
for breath during nightmare
from phantasioûn to form
images subject to hallucination

nightmare tangent to reeds
why wind in me
sings my lung the lake
surface in unblessed rage
not for order     scavenging
lullaby     the gullswings
darken at tips into crows
my rate and one reed
sings Childe and I reply My Lord

it sang     awemore awemore

gulls in water madden memory
into mist the furious
lake in certain light stands
up and is the sky

a cocoon of unknown origin
oak gall or berry
seed or shell
of mussel or of clam not
nest the shell of an egg
a word on loan

woven in cloud to dim
swell or darken
burst the not
sun nor rain the crow

called open my
grandmother's hand her palm
the bed of the whole
lake she breathed
"Danny" a needle spinning north
in one eye // the whole lake
in her palm // the waves
she unfolded into shroud
and put the dark lake on

my wife shoulder my madness

nights I wake screaming

her hand a comma curled inside
me calm // calm

calme from calma from kaûma
the heat of day
time for rest     stillness from
kaíein to burn

the red-winged blackbirds calm
at noon in reeds weave flame

weave in the sunlit pattern
or plunged in shadow the days
each with the scarlet

thread through the whole warp
and wave of the design
time almost disappearing in its dark
cocoon then bright
silk emerging at the full inspiration
woke with the worm in my mouth
gulls panic the god contagious
fear in water
the cloud denies my eye
formed dust into delight

my wife in lake her hand
opening into ripple     love
I won't remember I won't
wrist my wish
back to her body her pulse
quicker than lake records
with wave her heart gathering
in panic // those gulls // her pulse
panting wings her lips
parting from water and what
water imagined water was
for me // sky cloud love // wife
who in pain who in panic
the gullswings struck her hand
in water to rise from water
her hand by touching
her hand with flight died

the whole vibration repeating
the scarlet lake at dusk
shimmers furious before it calms
and cloaks soft that breath
my breath exhaled the framework
in delay I fill my lungs
again I see the indestructible
work of breath is breath
not to be lost sight of again

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