03 April 2006

Cole Swensen

[from Goest by Cole Swensen]

The Future of Sculpture (excerpt)
          Cy Twombly, Sculptures, National Gallery, Washington DC, 2001

The Future of Light

Give the box

back to the weal (the sun peeled) to a line, which is thin, to a dim
Give it back to him.
As the white brush brushes over you again you are counting time run
into the sun (until it equals)

                                                        Throw the sun into the box.
The box is painted white. By your own hand
the sun was hauled into view and proved to be
a pale thing off which the paint is flaking.

                          In Time the Wind Will Come and Destroy my Lemons
                          Rome 1987

Everything white is turning
into a white wall
                          And we . . .

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