20 February 2005

juvenile delinquency

Writing fiction takes me everywhere. This month it's juvenile delinquency, and in reading a book on the topic, a serious book published in 1990, I read this sentence:

"Children in pornography are at risk to be sold into white slavery, sexually or physically abused or contract sexually-transmitted diseases such as AIDS."

And here I thought I was reading non-fiction. I shan't mention the author or title of this book, but I will ask a few questions:

1. Is white slavery an anachronism, an urban myth, or a serious threat to today's children?

2. Are you amazed that children in pornography are at risk to be sexually or physically abused?

3. Can you diagram the sentence I quoted above?

4. Can anyone recommend a decent book on this subject?


  1. I just read "The Natashas" by Victor Malarek. It focuses on the trafficking of Eastern European women into brothels. It's quite disturbing.

  2. Thanks, Katie. I wanted to send you email but I guess I don't have your email. Dumb me.

  3. I just emailed you -- did you get it?

  4. no. my old spamgefucked email is kaputski. ask myfanwy or katrina to give you my new one.

  5. Anonymous18:18

    Nice blog, Carol. I usually don't read such things, but yours is very enlightening.Thanks.

    White slavery surely sounds like an outdated term, but sex slave is not.
    I pity these kids and also adults who are held this way. You read it in the newspaper, usually about Chinese immigrants smuggled into the US and forced into various jobs.

    Phyllis Gropp