08 October 2004

Go Sox

I’ve Always Been a Loud Sneezer

Double, high off the wall,
and I hear Gretchen say,
“Lowe is meant to be shot,”
but she claims she said,
“he’s mentally shot.”
Either way, she can’t watch,
it makes her too nervous.
Are you part of Red Sox Nation?
When an Angel strikes out,
a kid in a black T-shirt,
eyes squeezed shut,
bounces in a St. Vitus dance—
a genetic flaw
shared by most of us,
our cheerleading moves
deeply embarrassing—
torsos shuddering,
hands clutched, pumped.
Earlier I sneezed,
a room-rattler,
but not loud enough
to wake the kids.
No, we’re saving that
for a Red Sox victory.
What are you saving?
I hope it’s not something good
because it’s extra innings—
hope hanging from Lowe
like hair hanging from Damon.
Are you nervous yet?
Damon smacks it up the middle,
Sutcliffe belabors the obvious
while the bunt erases Damon.
No one’s breathing or drinking
while Manny strikes out.
New pitcher? First pitch—
David Ortiz puts it out of here.
SWEEP! Eternal hope
for the Bostons, while the kids
and the dogs sleep on.


  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah! Star-crossed Red Sox! I, too, familiar with tragedy write poetry on Baseball, but especially on the Boston Red Sox. Here's a couple lines of an example. The rest of the poem is at http://comsources.blogspot.com

    but oh! what sadness is sweeter
    than the late summer crack
    when ball meets bat
    in that green Fenway of long-suffering memory
    when summer turns back on it's early promise
    and leaves us . . . .