18 October 2004

found at fenway

a middle middle cutter to mueller
blown save, mariano
how often does a lead-off walk score
says mike
did the announcers say it
they're yankee fans
fuck 'em
mueller's on second
the red sox could be a hit away
that's stating the obvious
damon needs to cut his hair
mike says
he chops it
bobble bobble
error on clark
is that timely
to put the winning run ninety feet away
now they just need a sac fly
mike says
he always wanted to be a baseball announcer
nomar's replacement at the plate
a lot of red sox fans are warming up
come on
what's that guy swinging at
that was a terrible at bat
the woman in black gloves wipes her fingers across her eyes
a chance to win it for boston
manny fest destiny
mccarver's blathering on
baseball 101
who's he talking to
his unborn grandchildren
the only people in boston with fingernails
are asleep with their tevo running
right on the hands to manny ramirez
the fans need it now
more than hypothermia between innings
bases loaded
for david ortiz
how about a walk-off homerun
says mike
reverse the curse
and two
and in
can you feel it
this is what we stay up for
extra innings
sore throats
how many times can a heart break
some fans are going to die
before this happens again
i hope it's not me

1 comment:

  1. Hi Carol -
    Been awhile, huh? School teaching is busier than I could have ever imagined. Much different from hanging out in my office reading through the Queenies posts...

    Anyway, I enjoyed this poem very much. As one who appreciates poetry, as well as a big Sox fan.

    Hope you're doing well. I'm going to try and make it up to Charlotte in Jan for at least part of the res. Maybe I'll see you then...