01 October 2006

Carol Peters

[from Muddy Prints, Water Shine]


The child first sees his great-grandmother
hunched in a kitchen chair, her head balding,
a black patch covering one eye.
She turns toward him, opens the other eye
and makes a sound like a bird whistling.

At dinnertime she wears black sunglasses,
drags a spoon across a plate without looking,
raises the mush to her cheek where the food spills
and makes her laugh — a high bleating sound —
until everyone at the table is laughing.

After he brushes his teeth he stands at her chair
for the one eye to open out of the lizard skin
and he kisses her cheek and hears a sound
from her mouth like rocks making a landslide.

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  1. Love this one. Unpredictable in that I expected the boy to be repulsed, but he wasn't. Very cool.

  2. Anonymous09:01

    this is excellent. The sounds are wonderfully effective.