29 September 2006

Carol Peters

[from Muddy Prints, Water Shine]

Old English Game Bantam

Strut the yard, cock, jut your head,
sway your bruiser’s body, snub
my fingers (wanting to trail your wingspread,
slalom your short back’s slope).

Parade, vainglorious red-scalloped one,
gold and black emperor of pullets,
the arch plume of your high-swept tail,
your dove-hued ruffles hiding secrets.

Tango toward me, Romeo, elongate your nape,
let my hands cup your belly,
graze the length of your birdscape.

Roll up your eyelids,
rock on toothpick pins, neck slack and beak unslung —
daft bird! You’re dazzled by a fool’s attention.

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  1. well, this fool, who once met the cinematographer of The Passion of Joan of Art, was glad he paid attention to this lovely poem.

  2. How very kind of you, Howard.

  3. What a good and funny poem. Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Thank you, m. shahin.

  5. Anonymous09:03

    ha! this is so you. Love this.