26 July 2010

Christine Hume

[from Christine Hume’s Alaskaphrenia, Green Rose, 2004]

No Less Remarkable Is the Metamorphosis of the Mastodon

Shimmer with mites
            minutes in the clear

Cliff-dripped blinking

Bully the fat-hung cold
By teaching it gongs

Your heads are full of it
            the grass you eat

A dream of being eaten
                        by wind
                        hues of the field

Causes such twisting

And stars orbiting a faint sun
            unproven as it is infinite

The headache you’ll grow into
Suggests all organisms are in the grips
                        of spiral urges

Under these circulations
You could not wear cirrus the way cows do

Always your mange meant to be smoke
            molting, moonglow

You own the smoke, its slow muzzle
Involuntary growl
            in sheep’s clothing

Do you know yet how
To metabolize that magnitude

Ear listening to blank spheres

Ever since incest has been dying out
All your organs redeem rock

Yea, one falls down
Then you fall and unyarn yes sir
            yes sir

&c then centre
is everywhere & then
circumference no where

Aimless and space-shot
You took some doing

Body-beard sweeps
Circles in the dirt

One winter hunger weirds your mind-wires

Curls your backwards

Infant air hardens like a cranium

Shut inside a cranium dark
Everything goes to prospect


  1. now this is one to read and read and read . . . surely the white whale . . .

  2. Anonymous21:35

    I like. As Helen said: It's a poem to think around in.