06 February 2010

Your Elbow on a Car-Edge, Incognito As Summer

Your Elbow on a Car-Edge, Incognito As Summer

Draws me near to wonder
how grief

alters your wolf’s grin.

"The world’s a stage." No one

doubts the princess weeps for the king’s
              death (divined by the chorus), falls for
              the conquering lord.

Grape, apple, citrus, tea

these trinities of
nitrogen, phosphate, and sugar


a chronicle histone-wound

like the Mahabharata.

Lyrics and melody
preview the roles we play

shooters and callers, dealers and spenders
the charmed ropes



  1. wow! i love when a poet does so much with so few words and really works of the white space :) Thanks for sharing. Favorite part is the princess.

  2. Thanks, Jessie. Great to have you as a reader.