18 August 2009


To restore silence is the role of objects. — Samuel Beckett

Can it be the language now contains more words than there are things? — Clark Coolidge

What mind worthy of the name ever reached a conclusion? — Gustave Flaubert

Indeed the whole visible world is perhaps nothing other than a motivation of man's wish to rest for a moment. — Franz Kafka

The poem may have to mean nothing for a while or reflect in its meaning just the image of meaning. . . . There's something that isn't learned or even known yet. — Bernadette Mayer

Man is a curious body whose center of gravity is not in himself. — Francis Ponge

Thought is made in the mouth. — Tristan Tzara

There is a PREMONITION IN LANGUAGE of the unknown vaster world. — Benjamin Lee Whorf

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous17:41

    It's actually:

    To restore *silence* is the role of objects.

    I should know since I borrowed this line eons ago...