05 February 2009

Dana Levin

[from Dana Levin's Wedding Day, Copper Canyon, 2005]

American Poet

For weeks every Friday I went to see films at the School of Theology.

Every Friday I would get there half an hour early so I could buy candy
         at the store that closed at seven.

I would walk out around the building and lean against a wall
         facing Foothill Boulevard,
watching the blood and pearl of cars as they sped in opposite directions.

And every Friday there would be a cricket trilling endlessly
         against the din of traffic.

Inaudible, unless you stood right at the spot where it lodged itself
         in the little crack between the walk and the wall --

It legged the air ceaselessly where no one could hear it.

I would stand right next to it and watch the traffic stream.

Thinking it was like an American poet.

The moon pooled. The cars wheeled and wheeled.

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Wedding Day

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