30 January 2009

Alicia Suskin Ostriker

[from Alicia Suskin Ostriker's No Heaven, University of Pittsburgh, 2005]

Ravel Piano Trio

Suppose I am a starving doe on your lawn.
Do you say too many deer, and go for a gun?

Do you play Ravel's Piano Trio in A minor for me
Breathing its hints of diamond moonlit meadows?

Do you throw me food with your own
Nail-bitten agitated hand?

The Idea of Making Love

The idea of making love      as sticking your tongue
into the calyx of the other           & licking up
its nectar      while being licked yourself      we
like this      because we are always manufacturing
nectar      and when someone sticks a pointy tongue
into us and takes a drop      on the tongue-tip and
swallows it      we make more nectar      we can always
      make more           of our own nectar and
           are always thirsty for the nectar of others

No Heaven (Pitt Poetry Series)

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