02 September 2008

Susan Stewart

[from Susan Stewart's Red Rover, University of Chicago Press, 2008]


their tumbling joy
decanted descanting
over cobble
stones in and out
of firethorn back
and forth to gingko
who knows
who will
ever know
what net
binds them
I would not
lose them
could not lose
them know
if there's
place another
world another life
there must be wrens.

Red Rover (Phoenix Poets Series)

[from "Apple" from Columbarium, University of Chicago Press, 2003]

. . .

If you wait for the apple, you wait
for one ripe moment. And should
you sleep, or should you dream, or
should you stare too hard in the daylight
or come into the dark to see

what can't be seen, you will drop
from the edge, going over into
coarse, or rot, or damping off.
You will wake to yourself, regretful,
in a grove of papery leaves.

Columbarium (Phoenix Poets Series)

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