09 April 2007

Harryette Mullen (for the pigs in my family)

[from Harryette Mullen's Recyclopedia: Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse & Drudge,2006]

Off the pig, ya dig? He squeals, grease the sucker. Hack that fatback, pour the pork. Pig out, rib the fellas. Ham it up, hype the tripe. Save your bacon, bring home some. Sweet dreams pigmeat. Pork belly futures, larded accounts, hog heaven. Little piggish to market. Tubs of guts hog wilding. A pig of yourself, high on swine, cries all the way home. Streak o' lean gets away cleaner than Safeway chitlings. That's all, folks.

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