30 March 2007

Stephen Nachmanovitch

[from Robert Peake's blog post on an essay by Stephen Nachmanovitch]

there is a pathology inherent in all conscious thinking, and that pathology comes from taking a small linear segment of a circle of causation and taking it to be the whole thing . . . related to our illusory notion of the self - to our view of taking that which we are able to consciously scan, in our own processes, in our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own memories . . . to be the whole . . . [art helps] us to perceive that the self is a provisional, illusory construct that's useful for certain limited kinds of activity - but it's not the whole Self


  1. Anonymous11:07

    Hey Carol, thanks for the link. I highly recommend Free Play - a book about improvisational music that gives such a compelling picture of freedom in expression it can apply to any discipline. Great stuff.

  2. Anonymous02:34

    So what did you think of Free Play?