16 November 2006

where has she been?

I moved to Charleston this week. We're in the house. It's a mess but splendid. I'll soon be back to work in this study overlooking this tidal marsh.


  1. Hooray! Back to the ocean and the tideflats, yessss!

  2. It looks like a lovely space!

    I owe you email big time, and an apology for being so dang slow. I'm so far behind that I may actually catch up with myself going the other way. Or, uh, something.

  3. Love the reds - I'm sure you will enjoy your time in that great looking study :-)

    Good luck with get everything in the house sorted out and in place.

  4. Katrina Denza13:19

    What a view! Hope you're getting settled in. The picture of dawn is stunning.

    I also admire your bird poem. (I'm getting in all my comments in one because I've had some trouble with comment-leaving lately)