19 February 2006

Farm Life

I was discovering a duck sitting a nest in the high grass
when the missing dog burst out of the woods, raced down the hill
for Jamie who found the bleeding gash below her ribs. I followed
with hydrogen peroxide, but we could see she needed more:
we shaved around the wound, swabbed Blu-Kote in and out, and
while Jamie held, I managed two stitches with a curved needle
and the upholstery thread I earlier used on the canvas ottoman.
Mia's brave; we managed. She's resting in Jamie's bloodied lap.

1 comment:

  1. ohmygawd. Jamie? Both boys are there? Dog? I didn't know you had one. Cat, I remember. (forgive me, I'm senile). This is brave of you. I'd head for a vet or pass out, I'm sure.

    Love to all,