11 July 2005

Rachel Zucker

[from The Last Clear Narrative]


The ferrous soil through the low-tide hemline.
Blue out further, under the sky. I would

   follow, but the world cares nothing
     for my wanting. Changes nothing.

                                     (Flowers open and close their faces.)

One wants to see the woman but remembers mainly the
                                                                    pinched-in waist,

         There and not there.                             . . . ambient . . .

When removed, the body seamless, of-a-piece.
I must be still to feel her—

D. A Powell told me about Rachel Zucker, I bought both of her books, read them and am now reading them again. The final poem in The Last Clear Narrative is, by one measure, a narrative poem about giving birth. In all terms, it is remarkable. Read the poem, titled "HERE HAPPY IS NO PART OF LOVE," at How 2 New Writing.

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  1. Hah -- I just checked The Last Clear Narrative out of the university library the other day. :) It's next on my list after Claudia Rankine, I think.