13 May 2005

D. A. Powell

from D. A. Powell's Tea:

[how his body stood against a thicket, rich in hardwood gentry: ponderous and gloomy]

how his body stood against a thicket.    rich in hardwood gentry:
    ponderous and gloomy
the limbs would still extend a noble canopy had they not been so
    alluring:    pitch and timber

hungry for plowland and pasture the notchers came.    char and rot the
    tools for clearing
driven deep into tangles the aching teams.    corduroy roads leading
    to the penetrable duff

he has been pioneered:    given to the final stump allowing
    settlement.    slow collapse
these trees stripped and unable.    there was no child in him:    a land
    traversed many times

signs dot the road where he should flourish.    could the sparse line on
    a sign indicate the forest


  1. Aha - I see the Powell arrived. Such fun to read. Words like marbles. The game rather than the sculpture material.