06 April 2005

staying here

I live in a house surrounded by a concrete pad. Eight concrete steps lead from the pad up to the driveway and the carport.

Yesterday the painters painted the pad and the steps, and as they finished, it began to rain. It's been raining for sixteen hours, and the paint is still sticky. The only way to exit the house is through the slider onto the deck. From there I can walk down the stairs and down the path to the cottage, below which is impenetrable tropical vegetation.

I didn't think about the consequences of painting the concrete pad and steps. That I can't leave the property except by clambering across to a neighbor's yard. I don't know the neighbors. That means I can't easily reach my car. I should have gone grocery shopping because I'm down to a few eggs and a half a package of fake crab. Even the bread is gone.

I'm claustrophobic. My thesis is due in nineteen days. Did I mention it's raining?

This, too, shall pass.


  1. This kind of thing just won't happen when you're my neighbor. :)

  2. oh man, I'm feeling claustrophobic just reading this. Can you tie some sheets together and shimmy out your window?

  3. Ducks are a wonderful diversion from this stuff, eh? :-)

  4. Patio floor and steps are dry, rain intermittent. House goes on the market today. All is madness, but I'm writing, so all is good.