04 January 2005

leaving the island

I head for the mainland today, with stops in NYC, DC, and Charlotte, NC. What am I packing to read this time? Not much since I intend to buy books along the way, but I'll be on planes for 10-12 hours in the next 24, so what's in my bag?

Well, to start with, stapled pages from 4-5 issues of the New Yorker. I don't read that magazine, I only mine it for poems (too often a waste of time), fiction (reliable), and literary commentary (rarer and rarer). By mining, I leave the weighty bulk of the magazine in the wastebasket at home.

Along with that, three books to take me through the long night:

Okay, I admit it, at the last minute I'll panic and throw in one more book. I'll be away until January 16th, more than likely will post now and again.

Read about literary blogging according to the Denver Post.


  1. Have a safe and fun trip, Carol! Enjoy your reading.

  2. Have a great trip, Carol!