06 August 2007

Ron Silliman

Read Ron's blog posting today, or at least this quoted paragraph:

Thus if poetry is about vocabulary & poems themselves are not referential, we have – no one is more clear about this than Ashbery – a hierarchy of vocabulary. At the pinnacle are the three great orienting pronouns, I, you and we, followed very closely by proper names – Rappahannock or Wimpy or whatever – followed by nouns, as such, then adverbs & verbs and then all other words. It is worth noting that what puts the three pronouns at the pinnacle is their implication of presence, these invariably are the pronouns of immanence, as he, she and they are not.


  1. oy...my head spins.

    hi, carol

  2. hey, maryanne -- i like that silliman wakes me up, sometimes makes my head hurt.