18 May 2007

Carol Peters

[from Muddy Prints, Water Shine]

Kayaking Folly Creek

I want to turtle along,
slide my kayak into a tidal creek,
flare the white paddle into green water
and skim between the tips of grasses,
swing the pointed bow around a bend

to see the sun rise on the first of November,
the wind blow up across land and water,
an S-shaped channel of shine bearing
shallows here, narrows there,
dawdle without a map to a sandbar

where gulls and hooded mergansers,
cormorants, willets, and pipers
gather to sleep or dry their wings or
balance on one leg, hop from time to time,
not feeding but alert to possibility.

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1 comment:

  1. Julia, read this from her copy of your book at Friday noon poets today - I was fascinated - wanted to hear it again - I loved my kayak and could feel each move - the warm passion wanting to point myself - sit in the reflected light of sunlight sinking -
    "alert" great sensation (one-legged kind)