02 February 2007

Bob Marcacci's podcast at MiPoRadio

I hope you'll find time to listen to Bob Marcacci's latest podcast:

Episode 19 of THE COUNTDOWN at MiPoRadio

Bob says,

"The podcast highlights the poetry of William Allegrezza, and also stars these poets and bloggers from around the world: Jill Chan, Peter Ciccariello, Del Ray Cross, AnnMarie Eldon, Juan Jose Martinez, Shin Yu Pai, Carol Peters, Rachel Phillips, Larry Sawyer & Mark Young.

If you like what you hear and you would like me to consider your own blog's offspring for future shows, send me a message and I'll add you to THE COUNTDOWN's blogroll. Comments and conversay appreciated."


  1. hi -

    nice to meet you.


  2. d -- ditto, and thank you.


  3. Wonderfully read! Excellent poem!
    I love hearing you read "in person" and this was a treat. (I finally figured out how to get to it...sigh...technical invalid I am.)