11 December 2005

Carol Peters

Web Meme

          -- Google's responses to a search for "Carol needs"

Carol needs assessment information request
Carol needs the song “When Love is Gone”
Carol needs to do her job
Carol needs to be grounded in some very basic things
Carol needs to be developed for future advancement and should seek mentoring from Louise
For Carol the task is merely to recognize a need for information
Carol needs a confidence boost
Carol needs to shut up and let Chad explain
Carol needs the NFBF tax number
Carol needs to find local vendors in Jacksonville that will come
Carol needs our continued help
Carol needs your vote!
Carol, we need to assemble and carefully examine rocks
Carol is meeting the needs of children and young adults
Carol has needs (diary of submission) (not for the faint of heart)
Carol needs feedback from all library managers regarding staff training needs
Carol is well aware of the needs of families that are moving
Carol needs only two parts
A whole new episode of “Carol needs help with the computer!”
Carol needs no introduction
Carol may be the answer to all those needs
Carol talks about the need for storytelling as part of the human experience
Carol needs to see the distribution of mitochondria in cells
Carol will discuss your needs
Carol doesn’t necessarily need a doddering old Scrooge
Carol offers effective solutions
Carol needs a Biology Lesson
Carol needs a changing community
Carol can’t really say that you NEED a root canal in this tooth
Carol needs suggestions for the next meeting
Carol needs to get closer to the target
Carol needs help with a Texas question
Carol needs a cluster of aspens shoved up her ass
Carol needs a new refrigerator
Carol needs a bone marrow transplant
Carol sits handcuffed, needs your help
Carol’s laws need to work
Carol needs to update her website
Carol is not currently enrolled but thinks she needs to look at the option
All Carol needs is a glimmer of hope
Carol needs to learn what is important in this precious life
Carol needs to know that disasters of many kinds can strike right at home
Carol doesn’t need to be endorsed by well-connected top activists
Carol is currently certified at Journeyer level


  1. Anonymous08:58

    I'm certainly glad these aren't all the needs of my friend Carol.

  2. hello. ms, Carol.

    ..i just came accross you through google. id just like to say a hello to my fellow blogger. that..and im Carol too.

  3. Anonymous01:15

    Ewww.....I don't like the one about the Aspens.....

    I have a new refridgerator!

    Never knew we had so many needs.

    Happy Hollidays,
    Carom M.

  4. Anonymous18:11

    My name is Carol too. I have never felt so normal and well adjusted in my life until I read your "needs." I think what you really need is a very good therapist! By the way, Aspens? Yuck!(as my one year old grandson would say)